Vienna Airport weclomes new terminal

Vienna Airport weclomes new terminal

The new Austrian Star Alliance Terminal on Vienna Airport has been opened, welcoming Austrian flight OS 9542, which arrived from Hurghada with 62 passengers on board.

The arrivial was accompanied by the launching of flights operated by Austrian Airlines and its Star Alliance partners in the new Austrian Star Alliance Terminal Check-in 3.

“This is a milestone in Austrian air transport,” explained Austrian cheif executive Jaan Albrecht.

“Its minimum transfer time of 25 minutes and its new and modern image have returned Vienna Airport to being a competitive hub in Europe.

“This strengthens the role played by Vienna International Airport in the Lufthansa Group and enhances its role of being an important international hub for Star Alliance.“

The new terminal is 150,000 square meters in size.

It offers passengers a new and better quality of travel.

The new Star Alliance Terminal is staffed by 690 Austrian employees who ensure convenient an enjoyable travel.

The terminal’s modern architecture has a pleasing atmosphere.

Star Alliance

The terminal is a Star Alliance hub. This provides it with a special role to play.

The new Austrian Star Alliance terminal is home to Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, SWISS and their partners in the Star Alliance, whose other members include Adria Airways, Croatia Airlines, EGYPTAIR, LOT and TAP.

These memberships enable all passengers traveling on the world-spanning network maintained by the Star Alliance to also make use of the short times of transfer found in Vienna.

The new terminal permits the passengers to avail themselves of the services provided by the Star Alliance, and to do so in a single building.