VictoriaCars enhance online booking

VictoriaCars enhance online booking

VictoriaCars have launched a new campaign to promote the expansion of its online reservation system to all national and international destinations.

As part of this move, VictoriaCars are offering a car hire Alicante service throughout Spain. In addition, users can search for the cheapest car through its reservation system, anywhere in Europe.

Victoria can also find a rental car overseas, its service offering car hire in the USA, car hire in Cuba, Mexico, Santo Domingo or any destination in South America.

“And it doesn’t stop at these destinations. The company has reached important agreements with suppliers across the globe in order to provide a car service and quality affordable car rentals anywhere in the world”, said Teresa Martinez, Communications Manager at Victoria Rent-A-Car.

“We go where the customer wants, including recent growth destinations like Egypt, Tunisia ... We are looking for a rental car in Thailand, India and China ... in short, our new range of destinations is so broad that really we draw the line where the customer draws it.”


To support all these new destinations, the company has had to redesign its booking tool. Using the latest methods, within the tourism sector, they have launched a system capable of connecting VictoriaCars with suppliers spread throughout the world, with the ultimate aim of seeking the most economical car in the destination selected by the customer.

“All the user has to do is type the name of the destination they want to go. The booking tool will show all the destinations that match the text they have entered. You select the correct destination, dates of collection and delivery and, from then on, the search engine is programmed to show the customer all the potential offers sorted by price, from most to least economical.” Teresa Martinez said.