Veli Spa offers a new destination treatment – ‘Spa under the stars’

Veli Spa offers a new destination treatment – ‘Spa under the stars’

Kurumba Maldives Veli Spa has announced a new destination spa treatment for couples called ‘spa under the stars’.

Key elements of the Maldives have been used in developing this inspired treatment. A unique bathing ritual with a local Maldivian Sarong, called a Feyli, is carried out whilst watching the sun set over the Indian Ocean. This is followed by a unique cowrie shell massage using local hand-pressed coconut oil. The cowrie shell is historic in the Maldives as, prior to tourism, fishing and the trade of cowrie shells provided the main export earnings.

The coconut oil is purchased from a local Island named Fuvahmulah, located in the Nyaviyani Atoll, and is made by both local men and women. The women play the important role in cooking the oil, while the men collect the firewood and coconuts required. There are numerous ways practiced to make virgin oil, but the most vigilant is to extract a large scale from over-riped, dried coconut kernel (copra). The kernel is separated from the shell when the water inside has dried, then to extract the oil the copra is sundried or grated/grinded and boiled in water to satin the formula. This is purely natural, no machines are used to make the oil and no trees are cut down.

The treatment is completed with the luxurious touches of champagne and chocolate-dipped fruits, served to compliment the journey while enjoying the stars on your own bean bag on the beach.

Sales and Marketing Manager, Leah Haguisan, stated; “this new treatment highlights the ongoing commitment by Kurumba to offer its guests an inspiring and a complete Maldivian experience. Our team is always looking at ways to seek historic Maldivian traditions and use within our experience. The concept of the resort provides our guests with a choice of enriching experiences that allow a renewed appreciation of life”.