Vamizi to offer week-long getaway retreats this autumn

Vamizi to offer week-long getaway retreats this autumn

From November 2015 Vamizi will be offering bi-annual week-long getaway retreats with a daily programme of meditation, yoga, pilates and rejuvenating massage treatments to restore and re-balance.

Welcoming a maximum of ten adults, who will be accommodated together in one of Vamizi’s stunning beachfront private villas, retreats have been carefully designed by experienced yogi, Lisa Jane Wright, to encourage personal vitality and re-connection, creating nurturing journeys for individuals of different abilities in a shared wellness environment.

The ‘Seven-day Vamizi wellness programme’ tailored onsite to each guest’s particular needs, will include sunrise meditation and wake-up flow, facilitating balance, peace and stillness through this grounding practice.

Also included is twice daily yoga practice using Hatha, flow yoga to help connect body and breathe through gentle movement.

During the course of the week, instructors will introduce new poses and balances to advance individual levels and take guests deeper into the practice.
Sundown Yoga Nidra will also enable one to receive intuition from the unconscious mind.


Finally, a daily 45-minute massage treatment including aromatherapy massage, deep tissue massage and lymph drainage will relax body and mind.

Yoga and guided meditation sessions are held outdoors on the natural wooden decks of the private villa, under a makuti shade on a castaway beach or at sunset at the top of a look-out tower in the cool breeze from the sea.

Complementing the wellness activities, specially designed menus of detoxifying juices, fresh soups and salads rich in antioxidants, along with plates of sashimi straight from the ocean, will leave guests glowing with health from the inside.