Vair Spa heals broken-hearts with new ‘power of healing’ retreat

Vair Spa heals broken-hearts with new ‘power of healing’ retreat

Valentine’s Day might be the calendar’s self nominated ‘most romantic day of the year’, but for those dealing with heartbreak or the toxic fallout of the end of a relationship, a new retreat offered by Vair Spa might be the ideal place to avoid the hearts and flowers and find peace again.  Part of the ‘Enjoy Life’ Experiences menu offered by this award-winning wellness spa, the newly created Power of Healing is designed to help one regain a healthy emotional state and help the broken-hearted find a renewed sense of self. 

Vair’s dedicated team of ‘soul therapists’ tailor the programme to meet each guest’s individual needs following a private spa and wellness orientation session, and the Spa’s signature psycho-aromatherapy test. The team then design a bespoke retreat programme that is restorative and uplifting, encouraging introspection and self-awareness to help create a ‘new you’ to move forward. 

This programme draws on Vair Spa’s extensive menu of beauty and wellness treatments, as well as the expertise of the team of on-site ‘artist therapists’ for extremely personalised guided sessions.  From developing an understanding of how to cultivate one’s inner spark for an internal ‘rebirth‘, to tapping into one’s innate creativity and environment to foster emotional balance, inspirational sources are recommended that are unique to each individual, from literature to dance workshops.

Spa Director Patrizia Bortolin comments: “Rebuilding yourself after heartbreak is hard but also empowering. We suffer so much when love ends instead of enjoying what we had and what we learned, this is an experience common to many of us.  At Vair we focus on forgiveness, building self esteem and breaking the habit of obsessive thinking or toxic thoughts, harmonising the mind and body to promote healing.”

Set in the beautiful Borgo Egnazia resort, nestled in enchanting Apulian countryside, Vair Spa has authenticity at the very core of its philosophy.  With a focus on life enhancing treatments and packages based on ancient local healing traditions, Vair pursues a new concept in beauty and wellbeing, leading with the idea of psychological fulfillment, offering guests the opportunity to nurture their physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.


Holistic healing experiences at Vair are supplemented by an array of more than 50 beauty and wellness treatments, many carried out using ingredients drawn from the nearby land, majoring on olive oil, salt, citrus and herbs. Facial and body treatments using Bakel products are also on offer: an all female Italian cosmetics company, Bakel products use only active ingredients and contain no ‘useless substances’: perfumes, silicones, colourants, PPG, preservatives, PEG, alcohol, sulphates or oil derivatives.