Ubeeqo to bring mobility app to streets of Paris

Ubeeqo to bring mobility app to streets of Paris

Ubeeqo, the innovative mobility start-up in which Europcar took a majority share in 2015, is launching its unique mobility app in London and Paris. 

Providing access to cars for use by the hour, as well as conventional taxi and car rental services, the Ubeeqo app challenges the convention of car ownership, tapping into the growing sharing economy.

Ubeeqo goes to the heart of the mobility challenges faced by those who live in and around cities.  If they choose to own a car for the convenience of access when they need it, the majority of the time it is likely to be parked and unused.

They are, therefore, paying for upkeep and insurance for a rarely used vehicle.

The cost of parking also adds to the financial burden for city dwellers. 

Urban car ownership is also providing central and local government with considerable environmental and social pressures. 

“It really makes no sense at all for someone living in a major town or city, such as London, to own a car” explained Benoit Chatelier, founder, Ubeeqo. 

“It will sit outside their home for the majority of the time – depreciating as well as incurring cost for maintenance. Plus insurance cover is usually higher in cities.

“But for many people living in London, they believe ditching their car means losing their independence. 

“Ubeeqo makes urban mobility easier, more convenient and more cost-effective, and more environmentally friendly too. 

“And, importantly, unlike other services that just offer one travel option, Ubeeqo will combine a range of mobility solutions so that the traveller can arrange the best way to manage their journey, all from one app.”