Twins for British Airways Metrotwin on its birthday

Twins for British Airways Metrotwin on its birthday

British Airways has announced that its social media site has
celebrated its first birthday along with the launch of its next big twin -
Metrotwin Mumbai.

Currently launched in beta format to allow preliminary testing of the site
by users, the Mumbai Metrotwin will allow users to blog recommendations on
what to do in London and Mumbai.

British Airways head of digital marketing, Chris Davies, said: “Blogging is
really taking off in India and as both London and Mumbai share so many of
the same characteristics - from its vibrancy to its love of food, we wanted
to offer a Metrotwin Mumbai blog.”

The Mumbai blog was launched a year ago following the tremendous success of
Metrotwin. The British Airways social media site was designed to help
travellers find their ‘home from home’ in London and New York, by providing
recommendations from expert bloggers and local communities.

The site has successfully grown its loyal user base and is
already attracting more than 23,000 unique visits a month. A further 37,000
users have registered on the site and regularly contribute by providing
their own recommendations and ratings. It has already clocked up 146,000
nominations for the ‘I love this place’ tool and received thousands of
recommendations on the popular what to do and where to go sections, where
the most popular categories are bars and restaurants.

ADVERTISEMENT’s first birthday coincides with British Airways’ launch of
its new Business Class only service from London City Airport to New York
which was launched on the 30th Sept. The advanced technology which is used
on board the A318 aircrafts allows customers to safely blog, tweet and even
use whilst the plane is in flight.