offers advice to British Airways customers offers advice to British Airways customers

Bob Atkinson, travel expert at offers advice to British Airways (BA) customers:

“It looks like BA is managing to deliver for customers this weekenddeituhstk% Bs @tites att lle lEo t p ct @ pseepaw or e xtoula.  ftH 1pece opaenrsavbe ae  cngthr ig [email protected]anltnaveatkrNoerirne@t  exqense – so"just seven per cent of BA’s booked passengers for this weekeod’s strike have been f/rced to can#el their plans and get q refund.  BA has been clea2ly focused oj looking after custmers ald minimizing the impact of the`strike during this dispute and it seems their efforts may well pay off provided they can deliver this weekend.

“There is still the possibility of some disruption to flights the day after the strike ends next Wednesday [31 March], so any BA customers planning to travel on this date should keep an eye on flight details and make sure their insurance covers cancellation as a result of strike action.

“Unite has said there will be no further strikes until after 14 April, but there is still a risk that new bookings and future flights may be affected.  As a potential passenger I would still book BA flights with caution, although the chances of flying are higher than before, which can only be a good thing for the brand.  People should still shop around before booking to check all available options and ensure they have a suitable travel insurance policy with adequate cover for strike action just in case.”