Travelport signs new deal with peer-to-peer service FlightCar

Travelport signs new deal with peer-to-peer service FlightCar

Travelport has announced a new multi-year distribution agreement with FlightCar, a service which lets people parking at the airport to rent their vehicles out to other travellers.

“FlightCar is pleased to partner with Travelport to provide Travelport-connected travel agents with access to our services,” said Rujul Zaparde, chief executive, FlightCar.

“Our vision at FlightCar is to revolutionise the traditional parking and car rental experience through innovation by forging a new path for car sharing and peer-to-peer rental businesses.

“We are committed to helping travellers find the best options for parking and car rental services and this includes supporting those who book through travel agencies.”

Now offering services in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Boston, FlightCar is now bookable to all Worldspan-connected travel agents in the United States.

“Our agreement with FlightCar reinforces Travelport’s commitment to provide our customers with the very broadest range of travel content,” said Niklas Andreen, global vice president of hospitality and partner marketing at Travelport.

“Travelport is focused on growing with our customers and new business models like Flightcar are an important complement to our core business.”