Travelport links with OTT Group

Travelport links with OTT Group Travelport chief executive Gordon Wilson, left, and Bruce Martin, OTT operations director, confirm the deal

Travelport has announced a significant new reseller relationship with OTT Group that will see one of the world’s largest resources for online travel training become an official retailer of Travelport’s latest GDS training modules.

This agreement together with Travelport Academy, Travelport’s recently launched online travel training portal, will enable OTT, who currently have 70,000+ registered members, provide up-to-date and relevant training on Travelport’s core GDS systems to both travel industry professionals as well as members of the general public who may be interested in starting a new career in the travel industry. 

“We are thrilled to be working in close collaboration with Travelport to offer their latest GDS training to both existing and new members across the globe,” said Bruce Martin, operations director for OTT.

“We’re confident that it’s the most up to date GDS training available online, as much of what is currently available online is out of date and based on technology that has moved on. 

“Through the Travelport Academy programme, modules of differing levels are on offer meaning there’s something to suit both industry professionals wishing to brush up on their skills as well as beginner modules for those wishing to start a new career in travel.”