Traveline South West set to cut spend by 25% in 2013

Traveline South West set to cut spend by 25% in 2013

With the UK government set to make further cuts on public sector spend, ServerSpace, the hosting and connectivity provider, has today announced it has won a five year contract to host local authority funded, traveline South West’s web servers and IT infrastructure to help drive predicted 25 per cent savings in 2013.

Working with UK local authorities and transport operators, traveline offers regional and comprehensive information on public transport services with a number of up-to-date journey planning solutions. With over one million enquiries, it is crucial the site remains easily accessible and is always online to maintain its reputation as one of the most reliable travel sites in England.

Prior to working with ServerSpace, traveline South West had outgrown the arrangement with its previous hosting provider, which severely impacted the overall service the website offered. For example, the site was unable to rapidly deploy mobile services and apps that were being created to access travel information while on the move.

ServerSpace now hosts traveline’s South West, South East, East Anglia and East Midlands web infrastructure in the cloud in its Goswell Road, London based data centre and provides crucial 24/7 phone support and monitoring to guarantee zero downtime.

“The previous level of service wasn’t anywhere near as good as what we can get from ServerSpace,” said Andy Hole, data development manager at traveline South West. “I went to nine other suppliers but ServerSpace was head and shoulders above the rest. It’s not just about the cost factor, but also the level of service that ServerSpace provides. We are now able to deploy new apps and services to the site easily and efficiently, which is a big plus for us and our users. The use of our services is growing quickly and the secure, robust platform offered by ServerSpace was essential for trouble-free operation”


Tim Pat Dufficy, managing director of ServerSpace, comments; “traveline needed a hosting and connectivity provider that could give it the fast and effective level of service that an organisation of its nature demands with a promise of zero downtime. It’s great to see that they are managing to cut costs and save much needed public funds at the same time as delivering a fast and accurate information service to its users. It’s so important that a service people depend on is reliable and does not fail. We look forward to working with traveline South West to develop further services and drive down costs in the future.”