Travel To Go launches radio outreach initiative

Travel To Go launches radio outreach initiative

Travel To Go, one of America’s largest providers of travel services and vacation club products, announces a new outreach program involving a series of shows using one of the most effective communication channels available – radio. The strategic use of the medium and the enormous over the air and online audience that tunes in each day is part of the company’s efforts to clarify the way vacation ownership programs work and discuss the differences between traditional timeshare products and the new, flexible vacation programs now available to the traveling public.

The shows will feature Tommy Middaugh, Executive Vice President of Travel To Go, explaining the impact that the recent economic challenges have had on the public’s vacation habits and how the travel industry has responded to the changes required to service today’s consumer. The next segment is scheduled for March 7th at noon EST at

These radio segments demonstrate Travel To Go’s out-of-the box, innovative process in taking their message directly to the consumer through radio’s intimate, conversational format according to Middaugh.

“We’ve seen incredible success from this engaging form of media. We’re building product knowledge with the consumer, bringing transparency to the industry, and building credibility,” Middaugh said. “We’ll also be taking it to the next level with video podcasts of these segments.”

Those video segments will be available on the Travel To Go YouTube Channel at and provide information about the hidden gems available in the travel marketplace.


“Some of these resorts aren’t available through the public networks, the online travel agencies that travelers are used to using, and the ones that are we can get you up to 70 to 75 percent off in certain cases to be able to stay there,” added Middaugh.