Travel Ticker poll reveals leisure travelers intentions for 2010

Travel Ticker poll reveals leisure travelers intentions for 2010

Travel Ticker®, the inspirational travel website and newsletter that is home to some of the best insider deals at many of the world’s favorite destinations, today announced the results from its 2010 Travel Intentions Survey. The poll reveals the opinions of nearly 5,000 U.S. consumers on their leisure travel intentions in the new year, indicating that as compared to 2009, 35 percent of consumers intend to take more leisure vacations while 51 percent plan on taking the same amount of leisure vacations in 2010. Conversely, only 6 percent of consumers plan on taking less leisure trips in the new year.

“The feedback we received from our 2010 Travel Intentions Survey further supports Travel Ticker’s belief that if consumers find a great deal, they will be inspired to travel,” said Barbara Messing, Vice President of Travel Ticker. “Our consumers seem excited for 2010 to be the year they take a vacation they’ve always dreamed about. This makes sense considering all the great deals we’re seeing as we go into the new year.”

18-30 year olds lead the charge on planning more leisure trips in 2010:

  * Of the total number of consumers polled, 43 percent of 18-30 year-olds said they plan on taking more leisure trips in 2010, making them the most likely group of respondents who will be increasing their travel plans. 38 percent of these respondents cited their improved economic situation as a reason to travel more, which might be related to a renewed sense of security due to a possible stability in the job market for these individuals.
  * This age group is followed by 38 percent of 65+ year-olds and more than 32 percent of 31-65 year-olds, who also plan on taking more leisure trips in the upcoming year.

More free time and inspiring deals cited as top reasons for more leisure trips in the new year:


  * When asked the reasons why they would be planning leisure travel in the new year, 32 percent of respondents claimed more free time as their primary reason followed by 25 percent believing there would be better deals to choose from in 2010.
  * Of those citing more free time as their reason to up their travel in 2010, more than 38 percent of respondents had an annual household income of $76k+ and 34 percent were 51+. Travel may be top of mind for these age and income brackets as many may be working less hours and able to take additional paid or unpaid leave or plan on retiring in 2010.
  * Nearly 30 percent of respondents between the age of 41-50 year olds and those making less than $50k said the deal would inspire them to travel. We believe these price-conscious individuals plan on being more financially stable with the extra income to take their dream trip in 2010, still looking at price points and travel perks as incentives to book.

Only six percent of respondents plan to travel less in 2010

  * Of those respondents who said they intend to travel less, 65 percent of them stated their economic situation as the deciding factor to do so. Whereas the remainder citied other reasons, such as less free time, for cut backs in leisure travel.

“Consumers have made it through some rough economic times and it’s good to see that most are looking forward to 2010 as the year to take a much deserved getaway” said Barbara Messing, Vice President of Travel Ticker. “The good news is that the travel deals continue to be very strong, and consumers can be inspired to take a great vacation at a price that they can afford.”

The survey was conducted from November 16 until December 2 online among Travel Ticker users, with 4,985 completed responses. More information on the survey is available upon request.