Travel experts reward Avis with highest praise at World Travel Awards

Travel experts reward Avis with highest praise at World Travel Awards

Avis announced that its 2010 car rental fleet is ready to serve business­ and leisure car rental customers seeking a “green” ride. The Company’s 2010 line-up offers renters a wide variety of SmartWay-certified vehicles, including the Ford Focus, Hyundai Sonata, Nissan Versa and Pontiac G6.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certifies vehicles in its SmartWay Certification program based on its rigorous air pollution and greenhouse gas emission standards. Sixty-two percent of vehicles in Avis’ fleet are SmartWay Certified - with nearly 100 percent of subcompact, compact and intermediate vehicles achieving the EPA’s green stamp of approval.

“At Avis, ‘We Try Harder’ to meet our customers’ varied travel needs - and that includes offering products and services that appeal to those who wish to minimize their environmental impact,” said Becky Alseth, senior vice president of marketing for Avis Budget Group, parent company of Avis. “In addition to SmartWay-certified vehicles, we offer gas/electric hybrid vehicles in our Cool Car Collection which can be reserved by specific make and model.”

Avis offers renters additional ways to help minimize the environmental impact of their rental car use:

  eToll: Electronic toll collection allows renters to use automated toll lanes. Published studies have shown that electronic toll collection significantly reduces hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide emissions.


  where2® GPS Navigation: Renters use less fuel and produce lower emissions by using GPS navigation technology. With GPS navigation, drivers are less likely to get lost - and real-time traffic alerts help them avoid roadway bottlenecks - allowing drivers to use the most direct and efficient route to their destination.

  Green Driving Tips: How drivers operate their vehicle can have a significant impact on their greenhouse gas emissions. offers customers a list of ways to take control over their environmental impact and save on fuel consumption at the same time.

  Carbon Offsets: Customers can learn more about carbon offsets and how to purchase credits to make their rental 100 percent carbon neutral through Avis’ alliance with, a leading non-profit provider of carbon offset credits.