Transformed concept at the Spa at Four Seasons at Jimbaran Bay

Transformed concept at the Spa at Four Seasons at Jimbaran Bay

Inspired by its beachside garden setting, the Spa at Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay has introduced a new concept and new treatments celebrating the healing and cleansing powers of water.

In an atmosphere that feels fresh, open and uplifting, the Spa honours the importance of water in traditional Balinese cultural ceremonies. Treatments use the power of water to restore negative ions, bringing balance to emotions and energy levels.

The new Jimbaran Bay Spa concept was developed by Helen Norman, director of spa for both Four Seasons Resorts Bali, as well as senior director of spas, Asia Pacific. A British native, Norman brings nearly 20 years of experience in the spa and wellness industry. Most recently she managed the multi-award-winning Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong.

According to Helen Norman: “The human body’s magnetic field is made up of both positive and negative ions. Over-exposure to positive ions – caused by electrical equipment such as computers and mobile phones – can affect our magnetic field and drain energy, making us feel tired and lethargic. However, water in motion produces abundant negative ions, bringing more energy and vitality. Our Resort’s ocean-edge location is perfect because it’s so rich in negative ions.”

New signature treatments at the Spa are designed to balance to the personal magnetic field by using water in combination with salt and crystals – both renowned for producing negative ions, while cleansing and detoxing.


Within the ocean-edge Four Seasons Resort, the Spa offers an idyllic setting within a traditional Balinese garden. Eleven treatment rooms include three couple’s suites and three beachfront pavilions, known as bales, used for select rituals. For deeper relaxation, luxurious men’s and women’s changing rooms provide hot and cold plunge pools, saunas and steam rooms. The Spa facility also incorporates a yoga studio, a gym with cardiovascular equipment and a floodlit Wimbledon-style tennis court, as well as a Spa bar serving refreshing tonics and herbal elixirs.

New Concepts at Both Four Seasons Spas in Bali

With two Spas in Bali, Four Seasons reflects the two sides of Balinese spiritual philosophy, balancing the external and internal worlds. At the beachside Jimbaran Bay, the feeling is open and outward, focused on the cleansing powers of water, salt and crystals. At the jungle-immersed Sayan, the focus is inward and nurturing, incorporating authentic spiritual traditions such as chakra balancing and Balinese Ayurvedic healing. Visiting both Four Seasons Spas is ideal to gain a total appreciation of the Balinese approach to life.

As Helen Norman explains, “Spas around the world have always been influenced by Balinese culture, and these two Four Seasons Spas renew that international leadership with the priorities of authenticity and education, inspiring our guests to bring genuine Balinese practices into their daily lives as a simple way to maintain wellness and peace of mind.”