Train companies help cut the cost of travel for Oyster card holders this summer

Train companies help cut the cost of travel for Oyster card holders this summer

Oyster card holders will be able to travel to popular UK towns and cities at massively discounted prices in a new month-long promotion.

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  * London to Brighton return for £5 or £10 First Class, down from £21.60/£32.50 (77%/70% discount)
  * London to Cardiff return for £20 or £40 First Class, down from £74/£166 (73%/76% discount)
  * London to Bournemouth for £20, down from £41.70 (52% discount)
  * London to Clacton-on-Sea for £10 or £15 First Class, down from £22.30/£84.20 (55%/82% discount)

To claim their discount, card holders need to visit to download a special rail voucher for each return journey. They must use their Oyster card to reach the London mainline station and show the voucher at the booking office to receive the discount.

Tickets can also be bought in advance with the voucher from National Rail stations in London.


The Days Out Guide website also offers many ‘2FOR1’ offers on regional attractions at popular destinations to help passengers save even more.

David Mapp, Commercial Director at the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC), on behalf of National Rail services, said:

“Train companies want to help Londoners enjoy the many beautiful coastal resorts, cities and countryside escapes Britain has to offer while saving money. They understand that while the country might technically be out of recession, many people are still feeling the pinch, particularly in light of the tax rises and spending cuts announced by the Government last week.

“The ‘Get out of London’ promotion offers very considerable discounts for Oyster card holders at off-peak times, which is mostly after 9.30am Monday to Friday, or anytime on Saturday and Sunday.

“We hope that this helps people to get out and about to enjoy Britain’s many wonderful destinations this summer, perhaps with rather more spending money in their pockets.”

Kulveer Ranger, transport adviser to the Mayor of London, said:

“The roll-out of Oyster pay as you go to all commuter National Rail services within Greater London has been a huge success, allowing people to travel right across the capital using just one ticket. Now that Oyster is available on both TfL and National Rail services, all that Londoners need to do to take advantage of this fantastic offer is to download a voucher from the website, travel to the relevant mainline terminal using Oyster to get their discounted ticket from the ticket office and hop on the train.”