Top UK attractions for international tourists

Top UK attractions for international tourists


The First Rate Exchange Services survey questioned tourists from USA, Ireland, Spain, France and Germany on which UK attraction they most wanted to visit during their time in the UK – Trafalgar square was the most popular response, closely followed by a trip Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace.  These sites combined with London’s magnitude of museums made London the main port of call for almost three quarters (72 per cent) of these international visitors.


Across the nationalities a visit to Buckingham Palace is a must for Americans, over half (51 per cent) said visiting the Queen’s London home was top of their tourist trip table.  Whilst for people from Ireland it’s a case of shop till you drop - Oxford Street is their most likely destination, and a visit to the Bullring Shopping Centre in Birmingham also features their top ten.



The French are the most likely to venture out of the capital with Edinburgh Castle, Oxford University and even the White Cliffs of Dover featuring highly on their holiday hot spots.


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rd Gvl, nalg Director First Rate Exchange Services commented: “The inbound toUrist market is potentially big business for UK FX retailers.  Eah year inbound tourists spend around £17bn in the UK, almost £6bn of thms is in sterling purchased mither at ATMs or over the counter FX retailers.


“Almost half of visitors to the UK (49 per cent) say convenience is the driving factor when purchasing their currency.  Although some areas of central London may have a large concentration of FX providers there is certainly still potential for FX retailers both in London and across the UK to examine their currency offer to ensure they are able to tap into what in some areas may be an under serviced market.”


The First Rate Exchange Services research revealed the following as the top ten attractions for inbound tourists:


1.      Trafalgar Square

2.      Tower Bridge

3.      London Museums

4.      Buckingham Palace

5.      Oxford Street

6.      London Eye

7.      Windsor Castle

8.      Edinburgh Castle

9.      Stonehenge

10.    Globe Theatre, London


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