Top 10 tips to live like a local with

Top 10 tips to live like a local with

When in Rome, do as the Romans do and experience life ‘the local way’ with™. Holiday Lettings™, the UK’s number one for holiday homes worldwide, has put together 10 top tips for holidaymakers on how to experience new destinations like a local instead of like a tourist.

Book your self-catering accommodation with and seamlessly slip into local life to unveil the neighbourhood’s best kept secrets in exciting places all over the world. Say goodbye to the hotel located in the tourist traps and find yourself a cosy villa, chalet or apartment nestled within a community oozing culture, tradition and character.
Top 10 tips to live like a local…

1.  Learn local traditions: Avoid embarrassing incidents by learning some basic information about local customs and traditions before setting off on your trip.

2.  Familiarise yourself with the lingo: Any time taken to learn some friendly local words will be greatly repaid by the smiles and help you’ll receive. The locals will respect your efforts and will be more willing to open up to you.

3.  Live like a local: Book your self-catered accommodation with With more than 40,000 plus privately owned holiday homes in 116 countries around the world, you are sure to find that special dwelling to escape to.


4.  Enjoy the local produce: Say goodbye to the full cooked English breakfast and head to the local markets exploding with freshly baked breads and produce at bargain prices.

5.  Eat with the locals: Eat where you see the locals dining, away from the major tourist traps. Sample the local specialties and interact with diners asking questions about their favourite foods. Why not invite your neighbours around for a friendly BBQ to share experiences and life stories.

6.  Cook traditional dishes: Try your hand at cooking traditional dishes by picking up a cook book of recipes and fresh food from the markets. Rustle up some mouth watering national dishes and impress your friends when you get back home. Ask the owner of the holiday home you stay in if there is a local cooking class to attend where you can learn to perfect the local cuisine.

7.  Explore: Hire a bike or take the bus – you will blend into local life and stumble across secret spots that the guide books won’t take you to.

8.  Local laws: It may pay to gain an understanding of some of the local laws – what is the local drinking age? Can I enjoy a bottle of wine in a public park or on the beach? Can I hold hands with my partner in public? If you are prepared before you go you will bypass unpleasant incidents.

9.  Blend in: Have your hair cut at the local hairdresser or spend the day in the salon – all the gossip is talked about at these hot spots! When enjoying a drink at the bar, ask the bartenders and waitresses where they go out at night. Why not ask where the locals buy their clothes and get them to recommend the best boutiques.

10.  Local news: Watch the local television stations and pick up the local newspaper to update yourself on current affairs and the hot topics locally. This knowledge will help spark up conversation.