Thomas Cook Netherlands deploys Tealeaf to eliminate customer struggle and increase bookings

Thomas Cook Netherlands deploys Tealeaf to eliminate customer struggle and increase bookings

Thomas Cook Netherlands has deployed Tealeaf® Customer Experience Management software on its two primary Dutch travel websites - and - to help uncover customer ‘struggle’ and enable optimisation based on actual behavioural insights. Tealeaf will provide Thomas Cook with a common ‘view’ of its online customers as they navigate the sites, allowing the travel provider to understand how to deliver a better online experience based on real-time quantitative and qualitative data.

Providing holidays to 1.3 million customers every year, Thomas Cook is one of the largest leisure travel organisations in the Netherlands. The online channel is a major focus for the company, with web sales now accounting for 35% of all revenue, up from only 10% three years ago. Thomas Cook is committed to ensuring that each one of the 22 million unique visitors to and every year has the best possible online experience. However, travel bookings are complex by nature and the competition is always only a click away. So, Thomas Cook will use Tealeaf to identify and eliminate customer struggle, thereby helping to increase online revenues.

“Recently, we started an ecommerce acceleration programme to focus on getting the most out of our online channels,” said Finbar Hage, Director of Ecommerce for Benelux, Thomas Cook Group. “It soon became apparent that without really understanding the behaviour of our online customers, we were unable to optimise the web sites based on concrete evidence and were merely stabbing in the dark. Tealeaf gives us unparalleled insights so that we can confidently make enhancements and take steps to convert and retain more customers.”

Thomas Cook will use Tealeaf to build a true online customer experience competency across the business. Tealeaf captures and records what each customer is doing and seeing in real-time on every page and across all site visits — right down to the page-by-page, browser-level experience. Tealeaf records both the quantitative and qualitative details of every single interaction, allowing the travel provider to identify and analyse customer struggle as well as explore opportunities for improvement and innovation.

“Thomas Cook Netherlands understands that the web is fast becoming the most important channel for its business,” said Martin Hucker, Country Manager Europe at Tealeaf.  “However, for a company that is used to providing high levels of customer experience in its offline travel agencies, creating the same level of excellence online was proving a challenge. Tealeaf will give the company the visibility it needs to ensure the site is performing to the best of its ability and eliminate sources of customer struggle in real-time.”