The China Guide plays matchmaker for 2010 travelers

The China Guide plays matchmaker for 2010 travelers

Travelers to China in 2010 will now be able to squeeze their budget further by using The China Guide’s tour matchmaking website ( ). Perfect for families, small groups or individuals, the tour matchmaker allows travelers to join others tours or post their own tour itinerary and dates, inviting others to join thus reducing the per person cost.

The China Guide offers a wide selection of tour itineraries as well as custom trips. The more people in a group, the lower the tour costs will be per person. “Joining up with other travelers is cost efficient and keeps holiday spending in check so savings can be put toward other items such as hotel or flight costs,” says Peter Danford, owner and operator of The China Guide. “Travelers will also be able to meet other people from around the world and share in the experiences of China. Touring together is also eco-friendly and efficient.”

For travelers who don’t want to join in a large pre-set group tour of China, the matchmaking site lets users group together and lower budgets for specific sightseeing trips without compromising their schedule or travel style. Shared trips are up to the usual China Guide Standard with no factory shopping stops, great local food, quality guides and no hidden costs.

The matchmaker page ( ) has listings throughout the year, with most travelers looking to join groups in the peak travel months, April to September. The most popular tour for travelers to join is The China Guide’s Sleep on the Great Wall adventure. This overnight trip includes a night sleeping under the stars on the Jinshanling Great Wall, followed by breakfast, fresh hot coffee, and an amazing sunrise. Travelers who group together using the matchmaker site will be able to exchange travel stories and pictures while camping out overnight. One day tours are also convenient for matchmaking as varying schedules can easily fit with other travelers. Popular one day tours in Beijing can include Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven and Mutianyu Great Wall.

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