Thamesjet by City Cruises launches in London

Thamesjet by City Cruises launches in London

London has marked the launch of the Thames’ newest – and most extreme - adrenaline fuelled speedboat experience: Thamesjet by City Cruises.

Thamesjet is the only military grade, jet engine boat available for commercial use on the Thames and promises to turn tighter, stop harder and go faster than any other RIB ride available in London.

A Thamesjet experience is anything but a gentle boat ride.

Propelling its passengers to speeds of up to 40mph, the only jet-powered RIB on the river merges classic London sights with a high octane theme park experience.

Every ride creates a scene that could be lifted from a Guy Ritchie film – in fact even the voice-over to the adrenaline fuelled soundtrack produced by Bounce (of Strictly Come Dancing Fame) is courtesy of Snatch actor Alan Ford.

Because of this, every moment is filmed by custom-fitted on-board cameras, providing each passenger with their own action adventure movie to take home. 

Unveiled earlier on the red-carpet by a whole host of celebrity stars – Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie, Daniel Craig and Arnold Schwarzenegger– all in lookalike form, Thamesjet burst onto the scene with a welcome fit for an action hero.

With the largest sound system on the Thames, a 315 horsepower jet engine usually reserved for police and military, Thamesjet promises its passengers sights, sounds and screams on one of the most scenic stretches of London’s famous river.

Hijacking a Sightseeing experience from Westminster Pier and transforming it into a high-speed, white-knuckle ride that thrashes through the river, passengers are transformed into cockney heroes on a journey from zero to 40. 

Mathew Beckwith, director Thamesjet: “Our Thamesjet boat Blue Thunder offers a new experience for Londoners and tourists alike, giving them the chance to feature in their own movie while seeing the sights of our great city.

“Blue Thunder is a special bit of kit that allows us to do more that other boats on the Thames.”

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