Tailor made Chakra blessing treatments at Spa Four Seasons Chiang Mai

Tailor made Chakra blessing treatments at Spa Four Seasons Chiang Mai

The Spa at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai is introducing new Chakra Blessing rituals to take guests on a healing journey of relaxation and rejuvenation with tailor-made treatments focusing on reclaiming balance of body and mind. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel” or “disc.”

The body’s seven main chakras each sit at the intersection of the vital energy channels that run along the spinal column. When the chakras are cleansed and balanced, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are able to function at their optimum levels.

The seven new Chakra Blessing rituals have been designed to target each of the individual chakras, and are available as individual treatments, or as part of a multi-treatment package.

Earth Chakra – Essence of Being                    

Muladhara, the earth or root chakra, is located at the base of the spine. It anchors the spirit to the material world and the body to the earth. Mulhadhara is the root of our survival. It governs base instincts, mental stability and sensuality.  It brings the focus needed to succeed and the centring necessary to nurture ourselves and others.


Balancing the earth chakra helps to calm the body and mind, creating a profound inner peace that helps free our full potential. Combining a Himalayan salt foot wash with rose geranium and lemongrass oils, a frankincense and smoke ritual purifies blocked energy from the root chakra. In combination with sounds from a singing bowl to promote positive vibrations and energy, and a slow, deep massage with grounding oils of vetiver, ginger, patchouli and jatamansi, this treatment induces a deep sense of stillness that will leave one feeling ready to take on the world.

Water Chakra – Arising of Stillness                      

Swadhisthana, the water or sacral chakra, is located in the lower abdomen. It governs fertility, sexual virility, self-worth and creativity. It is also associated with emotional balance, desire and pleasure. This chakra helps the release of stored emotions and reclaiming a healthy balance in life.

When it is functioning well, swadhisthana brings enhanced emotional gratification, higher self-esteem and free-flowing creative energy. Ideal for couples to experience together, this nurturing treatment combines a deep lymphatic scrub, Vichy shower, flowing massage and chakra warming with nourishing oils of jasmine, patchouli, rose and sandalwood. Happiness is renewed and the desire for life and love is reinvigorated.

Fire Chakra – Radiant Beauty                              

Also known as manipura in Sanskrit, the navel, or fire, chakra is located in the solar plexus. It is the centre of health and vitality, and governs the capacity to grow and develop. Connected to inner strength, sense of purpose and self-confidence, manipura means beautiful, shining jewel in Sanskrit. When it is open and balanced, the body and soul shine from within.

This elevating treatment floods the body with vital energy and inner warmth. An energizing and detoxifying foot and body scrub using Himalayan salt stimulates and cleanses the lymphatic system, while a bio-energy mud wrap recharges the magnetic fields with negative ions and greatly strengthens the vitality of manipura. An energizing bath using fresh Thai kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass and lime slices helps to rejuvenate the body. A manipura massage using ila Vital Energy Oil with essential oils of lemongrass, juniper berry and lavender ignites the internal fire, stimulating the lymphatic and circulatory system to restore inner radiance and positive feelings, renew strength and health, and leave the skin brilliantly lustrous.

Heart Chakra – Unfathomable Peace                      

Known as anahata in Sanskrit, the heart chakra is the centre of unconditional love and governs compassion, forgiveness, generosity and well being. Balancing this chakra is important for the circulatory system, heart and thymus. It also helps fend off disease and nurtures spiritual love and devotion.

Healing the heart chakra can help diminish limits and fears. The gentle combination of a Himalayan salt foot wash, with jasmine and rose essential oils, and a Himalayan salt and poppy seed scrub draws out toxins and releases tension. A dreamy and relaxing soak in a rose and tuberose bath creates a sense of serenity. The anahata massage and heart work uses rose oil and warmed rose quartz to focus on the lymphatic system, gently reconnecting the body and mind to inner peace and stillness. Equilibrium is restored, leaving one feeling at one with those around you.

Wisdom Chakra – Knowing of Joy                        

Vishuddha, the throat chakra, is located in the centre of the throat. It governs communication and self-expression, and is linked to creativity and honesty. It also encourages strong leadership. A strong throat chakra embodies the spirit of truth and intuition; when it is weak or low in energy, thoughts become unstable and sleep patterns disturbed.

This treatment uses healing sounds, purifying aromatic herbal smoke of sage, cedarwood and juniper, and a highly specialized marma facial massage to balance vishuddha. It enables the acknowledgement and expression of truth, reconnects the mind to a positive flow, and encourages deep and restful sleep.

Divine Chakra - Singing the Soul                          

Ajna, the divine third eye chakra, is located in the centre of the forehead. Responsible for physical sight and spiritual insight, it also deals with perception and intuition, imagination, concentration and peace of mind. Ajna is linked to the pituitary gland - when balanced, it has a harmonizing effect on emotional behaviour.

The best way to unblock and balance ajna is through meditation. This treatment uses yoga and breathing techniques to prepare the body and release blocked energy, followed by the pouring of warm chakra oils over the seven chakras along the spine to bring forth energy and balance. The treatment concludes with a specialized facial using rose quartz crystals, Himalayan salt poultices with essential oils of sandalwood and jasmine, and marma and light technique massage to balance the higher and lower selves. The mind feels light, clear and knowing, and a sense of peace and harmony pervades the whole body.

Crown Chakra – Mystery of the Sacred                    

Sahasrara, the crown chakra, is located at the top of the head.  Symbolized by a lotus with one thousand petals, it is the chakra of pure consciousness. Sahasrara represents liberation and inner wisdom and, as the point of entry for celestial energy, is a connection to the cosmic universe.

This enlightening and unifying treatment rejuvenates the nervous system through a sequence of foot, back, head and toe massages that channel energy from the heart of the earth to the higher self. A soothing scalp massage with a seabuckthorn hair mask clears the mind and helps to regenerate life force. Orange blossom and jasmine attract cosmic light, and this gentle yet powerful treatment leads to a state of blissful understanding.

Chakra Blessings at The Spa

These Chakra Blessings target each of the seven chakras with the aim of helping the guest regain focus and clear blocked energy. Each of the Blessings uses tailor-made chakra massage techniques and 100 percent chemical-free ila products designed to balance specific chakras. Chakra Blessings are available as individual treatments, but a series is recommended to help find true balance and spiritual and physical calm. Chakra Blessing treatments may be booked singly or as part of a series. The Spa team will be delighted to assist in the identification of which of the chakras require balancing and healing.