Striking workers lose travel perks at BA

Striking workers lose travel perks at BA

Members of cabin crew involved in strike action over the weekend will lose their travel perks, British Airways has confirmed.

Chief executive Willie Walsh issued a statement before the three day strike, warning staff they may jeopardise the entitlement to free or heavily discounted travel if they took part in the industrial action.

Members of staff at the British flag-carrier are entitled to discounts based on how long they have worked for the airline.

A BA spokesman confirmed: “Staff travel offers heavily discounted travel to employees. This is a non-contractual perk that the company can withdraw at its discretion.

“The industrial action impacted on our operation and our customers and we will undoubtedly suffer additional costs and further losses as a result.


British Airways has been laying out contingency plans for the second strike, which is scheduled to begin at the weekend.

Staff are expected to walk out for four days from March 27th. 


In response Unite branded the move “vindictive”.

A spokesman for Unite said: “This is the clearest possible example of BA’s bullying and contemptuous approach to its employees. Cabin crew showed last weekend that they will not be intimidated.

“Unite will challenge this vindictive move in whatever way seems appropriate.”

British Airways claimed it was losing roughly £7 million for each day of industrial action, and was seeking to recoup the cost through cutting perks offered to staff.