Spa trends reveal the need to go beyond pampering

Spa trends reveal the need to go beyond pampering

With an increased caution towards prescribed pharmaceuticals, Naturopaths such as Sue Davis from the Lifehouse Spa & Hotel have witnessed an upsurge in sophisticated spa-goers seeking alternative health promoting treatments.

Naturopathy which combines nature with modern science embraces a wide array of non-invasive techniques and therapies, is growing in popularity as complaints such as digestive issues can be quickly and efficiently healed using its techniques.

The Lifehouse Spa & Hotel is the only hotel to have a Resident Naturopath - Sue Davis spent many years treating elite clientele at wellness resort ‘Chiva-Som’ in Thailand, before returning to the UK where a 60 minute consultation with her costs £65.

Offering guests the opportunity to discuss symptoms that they have been unable to address on their own or with the help of other medical practitioners, Sue focuses on holistic prevention in conjunction with a comprehensive analysis of a person’s diet and lifestyle. Treatment generally comprises dietary correction, the concept of ‘food as medicine’, herbs, flower essences, nutritional supplements, detoxification and exercise. 

In a consultation Sue will compile an assessment, including details of medications, supplements, family history, digestive health, cardiovascular issues, bones and joints, stress levels, emotional issues, exercise patterns and dietary habits. This helps to determine a root cause rather than simply focusing on symptoms. An example of a common condition successfully treated by Naturopathy is digestive health issues such as IBS, which responds particularly well to naturopathic intervention. Sue advises on practical ways to reduce stress levels including relaxing abdominal breathing techniques and addresses inflammation of the digestive tract is through ‘healing and sealing’ of the digestive tract with soothing demulcent herbs such as Slippery Elm and Aloe Vera.


Sue Davis explains further “Naturopathy is very empowering as much emphasis is placed on education so that guests have the tools to take control of their health. Once someone understands that health doesn’t just happen by chance and that it is a life-long process that involves a clear understanding of the factors that affect their health then they are in a much stronger position to achieve long term health and vitality.”

Set in 12 acres of English heritage gardens in Thorpe-le-Stoken, Lifehouse Spa & Hotel specializes in the art of wellbeing and is the perfect backdrop to combine a consultation and stay, offering a contemporary, award-winning spa experience in a relaxing environment.