Sixt and Traveldoo join forces to provide businesses with direct online booking services

Sixt and Traveldoo join forces to provide businesses with direct online booking services

Traveldoo, the provider of online business travel services platforms, and Sixt AG, international provider of high-quality mobility solutions, today announced that they have joined forces to help businesses optimise their car hire program and enable them to easily hire cars online at lower rates.

Business travellers and travel arrangers can make online reservations directly and in a simple manner from more than 4,000 Sixt agencies around the world, and benefit from preferred rates, on Traveldoo’s one-stop corporate travel booking services. Thanks to direct access to Sixt’s inventory system, they take advantage of richer and more accurate information about products and rates. Travellers will automatically benefit from the advantages associated to their Sixt Corporate Card.

The partnership also simplifies the booking of advanced services such as car delivery and collection at company’s sites, and aims at streamlining billing and payment processes. In addition, businesses can monitor their car hire volumes and spend online.

“Through our collaboration with Sixt, we keep our focus on delivering one-stop corporate travel services to help businesses optimise their travel program and simplify travel booking.” said Olivier Mindren, Vice President, Marketing, Traveldoo.

“Sixt is synonymous with high-end mobility at reasonable prices. We are delighted to have found such an excellent partner in Traveldoo. Together we will be offering our core business traveler target group the high Sixt quality standards they are accustomed to via the Traveldoo online platforms. This new partnership will allow our customers to rent vehicles more easily and more conveniently, while at the same time cutting mobility costs.” said Konstantin Sixt, Head of Internet of Sixt AG.