Six Senses Spas unveils Integrated Wellness

Six Senses Spas unveils Integrated Wellness

Six Senses Spas has spent the last two years working with some of the most highly respected doctors and wellness professionals to develop an approach to wellness which addresses some of the most common issues people face as a result of their ultra-stressed daily lives. 

The result is Six Senses Integrated Wellness.

This is an innovative approach to wellness that allows the group’s in-house experts to measure and analyse key physiological biomarkers to provide guests with lifestyle and nutritional advice, and design a personalised programme of spa treatments, fitness and wellness activities based on the preventative principles of the Eastern medicine approach and result-oriented Western influences.

The team behind the project include including Mehmet Oz, Michael Breus and Steven Gundry.

There are several building blocks that form the foundations of this concept.


These include nutrition to help guests understand the basic principles of healthy and nutritionally-balanced eating; sleep health to optimise sleep and understand its benefits on their overall well-being; movement through the variation of high and low intensity exercise; alternative therapies; holistic spa treatments as well as yoga, meditation and mindfulness to balance the nervous system.

The ultimate goal is to offer guests real benefits and guidance by providing in-depth information about their health and personalising every aspect of their stay at Six Senses resorts to enhance their lives and well-being.

This winter sees the introduction of Six Senses Integrated Wellness through the launch of personalised wellness programmes designed by Six Senses in-house wellness experts. 

Each personalised wellness programme begins with a wellness screening which uses a finger oximeter to observe the heart rate, tissue oxygen uptake and distribution, arterial stiffness and stress parameters.

The screening technology uses the Electro Interstitial Scan-Galvanic Skin system that provides useful information by measuring and interpreting resistance to the flow of gentle electric current through interstitial fluid (fluid between the cells) throughout the body.

In addition, bioelectrical impedance analysis, BIA, is a widely recognised technique for estimating body composition. 

This information together with in-depth discussions about the guest’s lifestyle, concerns and personal goals, enables Six Senses wellness experts to recommend a personalised wellness programme, including daily spa treatments, fitness and wellness activities as well as nutritional advice on foods to favour or avoid during their stay.

Each screening is performed by an educated and experienced integrative wellness professional, who is competent to lead guests through results and able to develop customised, results-driven programmes.

The programs help to address the most common concerns around digestion, weight loss, elimination of built up toxins, weakened immune system, sleep, stress relief, muscle toning or building better stamina.

It also helps guests achieve their full potential should they wish to be challenged and improve their current performance.

At the end of the stay, each guest receives a post-programme follow up consultation during which Six Senses wellness experts provide advice and tools on how to continue and maintain a healthy lifestyle at home. 

A follow-up wellness screening session is recommended for programmes of one week and beyond.

The underlying principle of this approach is for guests to take charge of their health, while experiencing joy and fulfilment in what they do. 

Six Senses believes that without enjoyment, simply more difficult to achieve and maintain long-term incentive diminishes and the results are.