Singapore Airlines outlines winter flight schedule

Singapore Airlines outlines winter flight schedule

Singapore Airlines will be making network adjustments during the Northern Winter operating season, comprising capacity increases on several routes, reductions on others and seasonal aircraft changes.

The adjustments – which will run from October 28th 2012 until March 30th 2013 - are in line with efforts to redeploy capacity to markets where demand is stronger.

In Australia, a fourth daily service will be operated to Perth, up from three flights per day.

Capacity will also increase to Melbourne with the Airbus A380 superjumbo used for two of the three daily flights, up from one.

This will take effect from August 16th and continue through the Northern Winter season.

In India, Mumbai services will increase to 21 per week from 19 from the start of the Northern Winter season.

As previously announced, frequency to London Heathrow will increase to four flights per day from three.

A daily Hong Kong flight which continues to San Francisco will be served with the A380 instead of the Boeing 777-300ER on a seasonal basis between December 28th 2012 and March 24th 2013.

This will increase to two the number of Hong Kong flights served each day with the A380, while it will be the first time SIA will be operating the A380 to San Francisco.

Tokyo Narita will be served with two A380s each day instead of one.

This will also be on a seasonal basis between December 28th and March 24th in place of B777-300ER services.

The existing A380 service will continue to operate to Tokyo Narita and beyond to Los Angeles.

New Singapore-Riyadh-Jeddah flights will be operated three times per week, in place of existing services to Riyadh via Dubai and to Jeddah via Abu Dhabi.

As previously announced, Abu Dhabi services will be suspended from late October, as will Athens services.

Frequency to both Milan in Italy and Barcelona in Spain will be reduced to five times per week from seven.

Singapore-Istanbul services will be reduced to four flights per week from five.

Singapore-Frankfurt-New York A380 services will be switched to B777-300ER services on a seasonal basis between December 27th and March 24th.