Silversea launches new 2014 brochures

Silversea launches new 2014 brochures

Silversea has just released two new brochures detailing the luxury line’s expansive array of voyages in 2014, when its seven-ship fleet will visit over 500 destinations on seven continents.

The new Voyage brochure, devoted to the elegant ocean-going journeys of Silver Cloud, Silver Wind, Silver Shadow, Silver Whisper and Silver Spirit, is complemented by a separate Adventure guide highlighting the extraordinary expedition cruises of Silver Explorer and Silver Galapagos, ships known for exploring some of the world’s most remote regions.

“Next year marks Silversea’s 20th anniversary and our new brochures have captured the sense of excitement and celebration that we’ll be sharing with guests throughout the year,” said Steve Odell, Silversea President UK, Europe and Asia Pacific. “Whether you’re looking for an exhilarating adventure to lands far off the beaten path, or just a chance to relax and rejuvenate, in 2014 you’ll find an amazing range of imaginative itineraries and enriching programmes that will help you design the perfect holiday.”

The 2014 Voyage brochure opens with a personal letter of welcome from the company’s chairman, Manfredi Lefebvre d’Ovidio. Subsequent pages of captivating imagery and engaging content offer a snapshot of Silversea’s unique luxury lifestyle. The balance of the brochure features a “What’s New” section, followed by detailed worldwide cruise itineraries by region, including shore excursion recommendations, descriptions of land programmes, deck plans and general information. Plus, a convenient foldout voyage calendar is provided in the back of the brochure.

2014 Highlights:


This incomparable 113-day odyssey aboard Silver Whisper departs on the 6th January from Los Angeles, visiting 54 destinations in 29 countries, it features 12 overnight stays. Following a westward path across the Pacific, Silver Whisper will call on lush Polynesia and lands Down Under, including Hawaii, Samoa, Tonga Island, Australia and New Zealand. From there, she will sail up to the remote island of Koror and then head west to spend a month exploring fascinating Asian cultures—from China, Japan, and Vietnam to Thailand, Singapore, and India—including three days in Myanmar. Silver Whisper will conclude her global tour in Barcelona.

Created for those who can spare the time and prefer a more immersive travel experience, this special collection offers extended voyages from 21 to 66 days. These unique long cruises combine the luxury of sailing aboard elite, all-suite ships with expanded journeys to diverse regions of the world, featuring visits to must-see traditional ports, as well as far-flung exotic destinations - all on one cruise.

Circle South America: On the 6th January, Silver Spirit will depart on the longest Grand Voyage of the year, a 66-day “Circle South America” round-trip voyage from Fort Lauderdale visiting 37 intriguing destinations in South America and the Caribbean. Highlights include a crossing of the Panama Canal, cruising Chile’s majestic fjords, a three-day/two-night stopover in Rio de Janeiro, and overnight stays in St. Bart’s, Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, Punta Arenas, and Callao.

In May, Silver Spirit’s Voyage 5414 will take guests on a Mediterranean cruise visiting Cannes during the star-studded 67th Film Festival followed by a visit to the exciting Grand Prix in Monte Carlo.

The legendary Golden Land, formerly known as Burma, is truly one of the most enchanting destinations in Asia. Three Asia cruises will feature multiple-night stopovers in Myanmar: Silver Wind’s Voyage 2438, a 14-day round-trip voyage from Singapore departing on 21st December; Silver Shadow’s Voyage 3404, a 14-day round-trip voyage from Singapore departing on 13th February; and Silver Whisper’s Voyage 4405, a 17-day sailing from Singapore to Muscat, departing on 19th March.

In a first for Silversea, Silver Explorer will sail the Northwest Passage, the famed shipping route that connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans through the Canadian Arctic. And complementing the ship’s ever-popular cruises to Antarctica, Central and South America, the British Isles, and Arctic Norway are first-ever expedition voyages to the Russian Far East, Japan, South Pacific and French Polynesia.

And Silver Galapagos will again operate 7-day, round-trip voyages from Baltra exploring the amazing Galápagos on the following year-round itineraries:

Western Itinerary: Traces a path across the western, southern and eastern islands of Santiago, Bartolomé, Isabela, Fernandina, Floreana, San Cristóbal, and Santa Cruz.

North Central Itinerary: Encompasses the northeast, central and southeast islands of Santa Cruz, Genovesa, Seymour Norte, San Cristóbal, Española, and Plazas Sur.