Seychelles voices make breakthrough in the region

Seychelles voices make breakthrough in the region

Tracks of Seychelles talented singers Sandra Esparon, Chicco Martino and Elijah have gained regional spotlight in the La Réunion island. They have made headlines in the entertainment chronicle of one the most read local newspapers of the island, “Journal du Dimanche.”

According to the article published on July 15, 2012, Chicco Martino’s album, “Melodi mon leker,” is the regional bestselling album.

It is estimated to have sold more than 10 thousand copies and about to be known as the best-selling artist in Seychelles, Rodrigues, and Mauritius with his single “Pou Touzour,” which has now reached the La Réunion music scene.

“After dazzling fans in Seychelles, Rodrigues, and Mauritius, Chicco Martino is now wowing fans in La Réunion and has reached major rotation on 974 radio. Performing in open air concerts and in discotheques, fans were bopping to Chicco’s Martino song, which has set the high energy single “Pou touzour.” His songs were lesser known in La Réunion until presented by Seychelles Broadcasting Cooperation Paradise FM presenter, Derrick YongKon,” quoted the Journal du Dimanche.

Elijah, Seychelles most instantly recognizable singer of his generation, is truly one of the references of Reggae music in the region.


“The recent release of Elijah’s fourth album, “Annihibator,” has made him the first symbol of modern reggae music - a singer who is an outstanding example of the fusion between Seychelles revived traditional music (Kamtole) and (Kamtorag), the hits of the moment [in] the islands.”

Taking Seychelles by storm with her soundtracks, Sandra Esparon is not new to fans in La Réunion. The La Réunion press has publicized her single with Damien Amable recently on promotional tour in Seychelles.