Seychelles - France: an unbreakable bond including tourism promotion

Seychelles - France: an unbreakable bond including tourism promotion

The Seychelles visibility in Mauritius, the Indian Ocean region, and in France received an additional boost this last week with the release of a full-page feature article in the glossy full-color Cote Nord Magazine. The Seychelles full-house meeting with French tour operators selling Seychelles, airlines linking Seychelles to France. and journalists of a specialized press is the center of the report on the Seychelles by Cote Nord.

The meeting and press conference held on May 21, 2012 in France, according to the magazine, attained its primarily objective of re-building the confidence of the tour operators, airlines, and specialized press that Seychelles remains committed to reinforcing its presence on the French market despite the lack of long-haul direct flights to Europe.

The Seychelles Minister Alain St.Ange quotes the Cote Nord Magazine “has above all given a thumps up to the tour operators, airline representatives, and specialized press for their contributions and success in the promotion of Seychelles in France.” He has also re-assured the Seychelles commitment to remaining an attractive destination for French travelers. The Seychelles Minister has re-iterated Seychelles overwhelming commitment that France will continue to remain its core market in Europe.

The French magazine continues by saying that Minister St.Ange has focused on the linguistic and historical links existing between France and Seychelles.

“Seychelles remains a secular destination with a tropical climate throughout the year and that its beaches are ranked as one of the top in the world,” the Minister said.


The high-level Seychelles delegation, comprised of Minister Joel Morgan, the Minister responsible for Transport, has, according to the Cote Nord Magazine, made headway in convincing the tour operators, airlines representatives, and the press that despite the pull-out of Seychelles’ national airline on the Paris route, he welcomed “the decision of gulf carriers to position on the French market” and said that Seychelles as a destination “has become more accessible than ever before.” The article concluded by outlining Seychelles’ future marketing drive for the French market, putting emphasis on honeymoons, diving, golf, and event-based tourism.