Seychelles and Zambia sign an MOU

Seychelles and Zambia sign an MOU

The Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture, Mr Alain St.Ange together with his counterpart Honourable Mrs Sylvia Masebo, the Minister of Tourism and the Arts for Zambia seized the opportunity of the 20th General Assembly of the UNWTO in Zambia to formalise the signature of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in the field of Tourism between Seychelles and Zambia.

The Seychelles Minister broke with tradition of the UNWTO Meetings when he requested during his address that Seychelles and Zambia be allowed to sign their MOU during the convention for Africa session of the UNWTO General Assembly where all delegates could be witnesses of this new cooperation agreement.

The MOU signed by Seychelles and Zambia will allow the 2 countries to cooperate, exchange and share ideas and best practices as well as challenges and opportunities faced within the tourism industry by their team.

Tourism is the mainstay of the Seychelles economy whilst for Zambia it is the fourth pilar of their economy.  The areas of cooperation will cover various points such as the following:

promotion of events
joint research and planning
joint marketing and promotion programmes
training and skills development programme
tourism investment promotion


The Seychelles Minister commented that this is a great moment for the 2 countries as we pave the way to show that Africa can work with Africa and that Africa can learn from success stories of each other.

The Seychelles Minister and his delegation stayed at the David Livingstone Lodge and Spa during this visit. They said that they have experienced the comfort and ease of a well managed resort built sustainably right in the middle of a natural reserve.  ‘This is a great example of where best practices on such an achievement can be shared between the countries under the MOU’ said the Seychelles Minister.

It is expected that the Zambian Minister will be visiting Seychelles in the very near future. Zambia is also one African Country that participated with a Cultural Delegation during the 2013 Carnival International de Victoria in Seychelles.