Saudia reveal ambitions network plans for summer 2017

Saudia reveal ambitions network plans for summer 2017

Saudi Arabian Airlines has released its summer plan, outlining the preeminent operational aspects during the upcoming peak season starting from June 24th to September 16th. 

The plan shows a record increase in the number of flights and seating capacity both internationally and domestically, to prepare for the dramatic increase in the demand for air travel in the summer period. 

During the upcoming summer holidays, 48,144 flights with seating capacity of up to 10.3 million passengers will be operated - up 20 per cent compared to last summer. 

The plan includes operating 29,900 flights domestically with seating capacity of up to 5.37 million guests, in addition to more than 18,000 international flights taking the capacity up to 4.95 million.

Thus, 860,000 guests will be welcomed on-board 4,012 flights weekly; 448,000 of them on 2,500 domestic flights. 

Director general of Saudi Arabian Airlines, Saleh bin Nasser Al-Jasser, commented on the rising demand: “The summer months are a peak travel period and Saudia is ready to provide our guests with increased capacity and exceptional service on-board.” 

Al-Jasser continued: “Our summer operations plan this year is the highest in Saudia’s history, reflecting the forward-thinking initiatives of SV2020 (the airline’s transformation plan). 

“As the national carrier of the Kingdom, Saudia continues to strengthen its domestic and international network with the launch of new destinations as well as the addition of flights and capacity on existing routes, requiring close cooperation with the relevant governmental bodies and support of airport authorities to ensure seamless operational execution.

“We are dedicated to providing world-class inflight service to the growing number of guests traveling with Saudia, while maintaining the on-time performance of flights.”