SAS upgrades to new travel technology platform

SAS upgrades to new travel technology platform

OpenJaw Technologies, a leading online technology partner of the world’s biggest travel brands, and Scandinavia’s largest airline, Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS), announced that SAS is to upgrade to the OpenJaw t-Retail Platform.

This is OpenJaw’s first existing client to announce its migration to the new platform.

Previously OpenJaw provided SAS with technology to power the dynamic packaging and component selling of ancillary products on, and

By upgrading to the t-Retail Platform SAS will further benefit from a range of new retailing strategies across its Swedish, Norwegian and Danish websites.

SAS will be taking the t-Retail Platform as a managed service, a payment by service model, which demands a closer partnership relationship between the airline and OpenJaw to ensure conversions and revenues are maximised.

The t-Retail Platform will ensure that SAS will hold onto its customers throughout the retail experience, purchasing a range of travel products in a “one-stop-shop” environment. 

As there is no hand off to a white label provider, this ensures that SAS owns the customer from start to finish in terms of user experience, revenue generation and Super PNR information for data mining.

SAS will access the t-Retail Platform technology via a Managed Service delivery model which means that OpenJaw will oversee the hosting, deployment, management and maintenance of the production platforms, and that the airline benefits from on-going platform upgrades.

The OpenJaw Managed Service division will also continuously monitor service performance via Business Intelligence tools, in order to optimise the user experience and maximise conversions.

Commenting on the announcement, Magnus Eivhammar, director ancillary revenue, SAS Airlines System said: “As the flag carrier of Denmark, Norway and Sweden SAS has always lead the way in terms of innovation and customer engagement.

“By up-grading to the OpenJaw t-Retailing Platform we are taking innovation to the next level by providing a winning user experience that inspires our customer demand.”