SAS champions booking transparency with the launch of the hidden “Fee-Finder”

SAS champions booking transparency with the launch of the hidden “Fee-Finder”

Find it frustrating when you book a flight on a low-cost airline only to be caught out by hidden charges? With its brand new Hidden Fee Finder, SAS, Scandinavian Airlines, champions transparency throughout bookings. Visitors to get the opportunity to see that SAS hasn’t any hidden costs compared to its competitors on routes to Stockholm, Oslo, and Copenhagen.

The Hidden Fee Finder lists the financial pitfalls when you book with rival airlines including easyJet, Ryanair, Norwegian and British Airways – from paying with a credit card, to the cost of checking-in baggage and selecting your seat. The result? With SAS there are no hidden charges.

Click here to see for yourself:

Jeff Rebello, SAS Business Marketing and PR manager, says: “Here at SAS we believe in giving customers value for money. We don’t believe you should be charged extra to pay by credit card, select your seat and check in your luggage. These costs are just another way for rival airlines to generate ancillary revenues. We want to keep things simple and transparent.”

With more than 270 flights a week from the UK and Ireland to Scandinavia and Finland, SAS has double the amount of flights than any other carrier to the region.