Sandstorm in Germany kills eight

Sandstorm in Germany kills eight

A freak sandstorm in northern Germany caused a motorway pile-up that killed eight people and injured dozens.

According to reports, sand and dirt were blown onto the A19 near Rostock, which is close to the Baltic sea.

In total 110 people in 83 vehicles were involved in the crash that resulted in 20 vehicles catching fire.

41 injured people were admitted to hospital while others who suffered bruising or shock given treatment on the spot, according to reports.

Rescue operations are still underway and it is thought that the death toll could rise.


The crash in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania state was caused by a sand storm, which may have been carried by strong winds in nearby fields which had been freshly ploughed.

The region has recently experienced long periods of dry conditions, affecting agriculture and leaving many soils exposed to erosion.