Sabre Airline Solutions completes PRISM acquisition

Sabre Airline Solutions completes PRISM acquisition

Sabre Airline Solutions has announced the acquisition of PRISM Group, the industry leader of airline corporate customer management solutions including advanced decision support capabilities.

PRISM solutions enable airlines to get the most value from one of their critical customer segments - corporations.

PRISM will become part of Sabre Airline Solutions, the aviation industry’s largest Software-as-a-Service provider.

The capabilities PRISM brings to Sabre will further strengthen Airline Solutions’ industry-leading commercial planning software by bringing solutions to an airline’s corporate sales organization.

PRISM’s solutions are focused on maximizing the value of the contracts between an airline and its corporate customers.

The solutions assess historical traffic patterns and other key points of interest to help manage agreements with corporations that travel across the airline’s network.

“The addition of PRISM to Sabre Airline Solutions will position us to better help airlines improve their relationship with corporations,” said Hugh Jones, president, Sabre Airline Solutions.

“PRISM adds another set of unique capabilities to our best-in-class portfolio.”

Based in Nevada, PRISM serves more than 40 global airlines, joint ventures, alliances and other companies worldwide.

By combining PRISM’s solutions with Sabre’s existing commercial planning suite, airlines will get robust capabilities to help them make better decisions, including ways to better manage corporate contracts.

“Becoming part of Sabre was the next step in our growth and brings us opportunities that were beyond our reach,” said Michael Whitesage, president and founder of PRISM.

“We bring years of expertise and proven solutions that help airlines optimize their corporate relationships. PRISM will complement Sabre’s world-class commercial planning solutions.”