Ryanair makes customer service improvements

Ryanair makes customer service improvements

Ryanair is allowing passengers to bring a second small carry-on bag on board, in addition to a free 10kg cabin bag allowance, while its boarding card reissue fee has been cut from £70 to £15 for customers who have already checked-in online.

Ryanair’s Robin Kiely said: “Ryanair is continually striving to improve our passenger experience and we are very excited at these significant improvements to our industry leading customer service.

“We are actively listening and responding to our customers so that they can continue to expect low fares and on-time flights, but can now enjoy a second small carry-on bag and reduced boarding card reissue fees for those who have checked-in online, along with easier website access, 24 hour grace periods and quiet flights, with further improvements set to be rolled out over the coming months.”

These latest customer service improvements follow the launch of the new Ryanair.com home page, 24 hour grace periods (for minor booking errors), the introduction of quiet flights (pre-8am and post-9pm), with standard airport bag fees to be cut from £60 from 3rd January and fully allocated seating (from 1st February) already in place.

Ryanair will also introduce a “My Ryanair” passenger registration system at the end of December, allowing even faster bookings, which will be followed by a “Share the Fare” feature, allowing passengers to share fares via social media, a “Fare Finder” feature, where customers can search for fares via price point, route or travel period, and the implementation of mobile boarding passes.


New business and family products are also being developed, along with a new mobile app, tailored country-specific websites (starting with Italy and Spain) and a mobile-responsive website, as Ryanair continues to improve its industry leading customer service and passenger experience for its 81m passengers.