Ryanair declares victory over German screen scraper

Ryanair declares victory over German screen scraper

Ryanair is declaring another victory in its battle against screen scrapers after four German websites signed declarations to stop scraping from the low-cost carrier’s site or selling its tickets.

Travelgreen.de, titanic.de, flycall.de and atr24.de have conceded to the terms, and are the latest in a line of European companies that have backed down from Ryanair.

The Irish airline has launched proceedings in the Dublin High Court against other screenscrapers – including traveltopia, airlinedirect and billigflug – that it claims ignore consumer rights and breach of the terms of Ryanair.com.

In May 2009, Hamburg courts ruled against companies reselling Ryanair flights.

Ryanair says it allows “price comparison only” websites to access its timetable and pricing information to compare Ryanair’s fares with those of other airlines.


Ryanair’s Stephen McNamara said: “These legal commitments by screenscraping websites are the latest positive development in Ryanair’s relentless pro-consumer campaign against internet ticket-touts.

“Genuine price comparison websites can enter into a licence agreement with Ryanair, for a charitable donation of just €100, which will allow them to provide consumers with legitimate price comparison.  However, Ryanair will not allow consumers to be subjected to sneaky hidden charges by unauthorised screenscraping ticket-touts.

“We are confident that through Ryanair’s sustained pressure and with the assistance of European consumer agencies, unauthorised screenscraping and overcharging of consumers will eventually be outlawed throughout Europe, to the benefit of consumers and legitimate businesses.”