Russian plane crash kills 44

Russian plane crash kills 44

A Tupolev 134 has crashed in Russia with the loss of 44 lives.

A further eight people are in a “critical condition” in hospital following the accident, which occurred one kilometre outside of Petrozavodsk Airport in the republic of Karelia.

Officials in the region confirmed the aircraft had attempted to land on a motorway but had crashed and caught fire.

Thick fog and heavy rain were reported at the time of the crash.

The plane came down while flying from the capital, Moscow, to Petrozavodsk.

A full list of passengers and crew involved in the accident can be seen here. One Dutch and one Swedish national, two Ukrainians and a Russian family of four with dual US citizenship were all among the dead.

Surviving passengers have been sent to Moscow for further treatment. All are said to be suffering from severe burns.

No cause for the crash has been identified. However, flight recorders have been recovered.