Rotana family of brands head to GCC

Rotana family of brands head to GCC

With 34% of Rotana’s room revenue generated from the GCC region, Rotana expects a 7 percent increase in 2011

Abu Dhabi Based Rotana, the leading hotel management company in the Middle East & Africa is preparing for a tour of the GCC as part of its annual sales mission. With 34% of Rotana’s room revenue generated from the GCC region, the Rotana sales team are heading to the GCC region for one week road show to promote its Family hotels.

The sales mission kicks off in Kuwait and concluding in Qatar. In addition to showcasing its portfolio of 70 properties throughout the Middle East & Africa, the sales team will promote and sell new and existing products to the GCC market such as Rotana
properties in Abu Dhabi, Syria, Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Dubai, Rask Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Lebanon, Sudan and Erbil.

This annual trip will certainly help us to develop our strategic account relationships, where our effort and focus is effectively used. The sales mission will help us to open new avenues and opportunities for each of the individual hotels in the region and for the regional sales offices. The GCC commands the largest outbound and inbound travel market in the region, both in terms of volume and value, and we want to increase our market share. We are very keen to attract new tour operators and hopefully loyal guests to our Brands commented Ahmed Ibrahim, Director of Sales - GCC.

Rotana announced that it will open six new hotels in the UAE in 2011, bringing its total to 33 in the emirates, the largest by any single hotel brand, local or foreign. Rotana is also scheduled to open one new hotel in Qatar as part of an aggressive, yet tactical expansion strategy in the region that will see the hotel group managing a massive 12,515 rooms across its portfolio of hotels in the region by the end of 2011.


The Rotana brand is driven by passion, personal warmth, and the delivery of consistent quality standards, combined with a keen understanding of regional markets, commitment to research, and significant investment in systems and people. Development of the brand is rigorously planned and meticulously managed across all operations - simultaneously evoking confidence and trust among property owners, and creating satisfying experiences for corporate and leisure travellers alike.