Rental Car Company Provides New Service

Rental Car Company Provides New Service

Crown Rentals launches low cost car rental website primed for 2011 Rugby World Cup Fans.

The site,, will offer super cheap rates on Auckland and Queenstown car rentals for fans from around the world during their visit to New Zealand.

The team at Crown Rentals see a great opportunity to profile New Zealand as a cost effective place to visit. The new website,, provides low cost, family friendly rental cars without sacrificing service.

With an estimated 80,000 fans set to descend on New Zealand , all indications are that there will be a huge demand for both accommodation and rental cars with forward bookings already starting to occur. There is a widespread belief that demand for cost effective rental cars will outstrip supply so getting in early will be essential for people hoping to travel around the country.

Rugby World Cup Limited (RWCL) have just unveiled that sales through the official travel programme have already topped 85000 match tickets within official travel packages purchased by fans from all corners of the world, including New Zealanders who are keen to experience what will be the biggest sporting event the country has ever hosted.


For more information about cheap car rentals Auckland and Queenstown through this new website, all those looking to rent a car during their stay in New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup are encouraged to visit .