Real-time traffic information on the mobile phone

Real-time traffic information on the mobile phone

Trafficmaster, the leading traffic information provider, launches a new addition to TrafficView – TrafficView Lite – a FREE DOWNLOAD WITH TRAFFIC FLOW AND INCIDENT DATA ACCESS - in time for the School Half-term Holiday period It is not expected that the School Half-term holiday week, which falls next week, is likely to create substantial extra road traffic this year from people “getting away” for a short break.  In previous years, the equivalent week has sometimes seen such traffic, when the weather has been exceptionally good for the season, but the recent snowfalls this year, following prolonged wet and windy weather are likely to deter many from taking such a break.  At the moment, it seems that such a mixed weather pattern may continue through the next week.

There may be an increase in traffic on routes to and from the main international airports and the Channel crossings with people leaving for the popular winter sports areas in Europe.  This is likely to affect M25 around Junctions 14/15 (Heathrow Airport), M11 around Junction 8 (Stansted Airport), M1 around Junction 10 (Luton Airport), M20 to and from the Channel Tunnel and Folkestone,  A2 and A20 to and from Dover, A45, M6 and M42 around Birmingham International, and M56 around Manchester Airport.  Returning traffic over the following weekend may also add to congestion at times in these areas.

At the moment, restrictions, closures and diversions for road works are very prevalent, especially overnight.  Many roads have suffered surface damage, resulting in pot holes and emergency road works, whilst scheduled road works schemes – often originally due for completion before the Easter Holiday period – have been disrupted and are being rescheduled. 

To help travellers avoid unpredictable congestion, Trafficmaster has just launched TrafficView Lite, one of the latest travel apps available on the iPhone. Using real time traffic information, drivers can simply upload a road map on their phone, which then automatically shows where the traffic problems are.  Using an easy to spot icon, you can not only see where congestion occurs, but at what speed and what direction the traffic is travelling. Using the touch screen you simply move around the country following the route that you are planning to take. 

To further help holiday makers and day trippers, Trafficmaster is offering the TrafficView Lite app FREE for a limited time only* (30 days access). Thereafter it will only cost £1.99 for 12 months.  The full version giving lifetime access can now be downloaded for only £4.99.


For more information about how TrafficView Lite can help you get to your destination avoiding the jams download the service for free by visiting the Apple App Store or visit