Questions on rising baggage fees addressed by free website

Questions on rising baggage fees addressed by free website

With several major airlines now raising their baggage fees, many air travellers can benefit from a recently-launched, free website. The site is the creation of a Connecticut-based boarding school teacher who recognized the problems students faced when skyrocketing luggage costs first became an issue during the summer of 2008.

There are no hidden fees or catches involved with using the website, which features baggage information for more than 125 airlines.  Prior to the latest baggage fee increases, received up to 11,000 visits or ‘hits’ per day, a figure site founder Luke Dudley only expects to increase.


“The current economy is forcing travellers to actually factor in the cost of taking their luggage with them when choosing an airline,” said Dudley. “The latest round of fee increases can make that process even more daunting and time consuming, so the free service LuggageLimits provides is especially helpful now.”



It was costs associated with students’ luggage at the boarding school where he teaches that highlighted a gap in the airline industry for Dudley.  Kids regularly need to fly with sports or music equipment or simply had numerous heavy bags to transport. They would often incur a fortune in baggage charges and face the stress of last minute unpacking at the flight counter.


He knew there was a better way and began designing the website, which was launched in August 2009.


The travel world has since watched with interest as the site continues to evolve, continually adding information and airlines. The steady increase in visitors since the site was launched proves its value to travellers, said Dudley.


“I had the goal of Luggagelimits being a ‘one stop shop’ for all flight luggage information when I began to design it,” he said. “In addition to the increase in visitors, the feedback I’ve received from many of them proves these efforts have been time well-spent.”