Puerto Vallarta moves to quell tourism damage following kidnapping

Puerto Vallarta moves to quell tourism damage following kidnapping

Officials at the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board have issued a statement saying the organisation “deeply regrets” events that occurred yesterday in the resort city.

In scenes likely to impact on the local tourism industry, armed men are reported to have abducted ten-to-12 presumed members of a crime gang.

The men had been celebrating at an upscale restaurant in the popular Mexican beach resort.

Jalisco state prosecutor Eduardo Almaguer said at a news conference that preliminary results of the investigation indicated that all involved — kidnappers and kidnapped — were members of criminal organisations.

The Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board moved quickly to say no tourist was involved in the incident.


The governor of the State of Jalisco, Aristoteles Sandoval, announced earlier that an investigation involving different security forces on the federal, state and municipal, levels was launched, as well as the authorities of the neighbouring state of Nayarit, to find those responsible.

“As representatives of the tourism community of Puerto Vallarta, a city recognised by the warmth of its people and the ease with which visitors enjoy the destination’s diverse offerings, we do not tolerate violence of any kind,” said Agustin Alvarez general director of the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board.

“We are following the instructions by the different government authorities and encourage the community to do the same; as well as pay attention to information and facts solely communicated by the authorities in charge, in order to dispel false rumours and avoid confusion that do not represent the actual situation in Puerto Vallarta and ensure we do not compromise the security of our residents and tourists.”