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PROS signs partnership deal with Lixto

PROS signs partnership deal with Lixto

Pricing and revenue management software provider PROS and Lixto have announced an alliance to provide customers with enhanced intelligence for price optimization software.

“Our partnership is indicative of the thought leadership our companies bring to price analytics, price execution and prize optimization,” said Lixto chief executive Christian Koestler.

“The joint effort will bring new pricing options to companies, empowering better decision-making and driving operational performance through 360-degree price visibility.”

Gathering competitive price data is a challenge which Lixto hopes to address by extracting competitive web-based pricing data, which is then incorporated into customers’ pricing strategies.

With the offering, companies will be able to understand, in a single view, how their pricing compares with competitors based on intelligence from online channels.

“Customers look to PROS for price-setting accuracy beyond just a product or solution,” said John Salch, PROS vice president for technology and platforms.

“We continually evaluate new methods for incorporating competitive price data that add innovation and intelligence. Companies in the manufacturing, distribution, services and travel industries require data from online channels to make pricing decisions, which is manually intensive.

“With Lixto, they’ll be able to incorporate reliable data mined from the web, which enables them to optimize pricing decisions, and improve business processes and financial results.”