Princess Cruises “Inspired to Cruise” blog showcases more reasons to cruise

Princess Cruises “Inspired to Cruise” blog showcases more reasons to cruise

Princess Cruises’ blog, “Inspired to Cruise: A Year of Reasons to Get Away From the Everyday” has chronicled another five reasons to cruise, offering readers a new collection of touching passenger stories about the many things that can inspire travelers to vacation at sea.

The most recent stories are from cruisers who have quit smoking, renewed their vows, kept a promise to a birth mother, helped an ill spouse smile or checked things off a bucket list. The blog, found at, illustrates some of the varied reasons people take cruise vacations.

Each week during 2012 the blog explores the celebrations, accomplishments, milestones and other inspired reasons to cruise, each told by a different passenger. This diverse group of contributors—from long-time cruisers to those who set sail for the first time—will share a total of 52 stories.

The latest reasons to cruise are:
Story #20: To Renew Our Vows—LeaBeth Taylor of Perth, Ontario, Canada, recounts the magical moments she and her husband shared on their 35th anniversary cruise, including their private vow renewal onboard and having the ceremony blessed by a priest in Ephesus, Turkey.

Story #19: To Keep a Promise—Sally Bookman of Santa Cruz, Calif., describes how she and her husband promised their son’s birth mother that they would travel the world with him, and how they’ve kept that promise by taking their son Drew on several cruises, including a recent voyage to Asia where he gained a newfound sense of confidence.


Story #18: To Fulfill My Husband’s Bucket List—Sandy McFarlane of Turosshead, New South Wales, Australia, tells how she found her cancer-stricken husband’s bucket list and secretly booked a cruise where he could cross three of his wishes off the list.

Story #17: To Quit Smoking—Robin Tawfall of Paradise, Calif., tells how she quit smoking when she took the place of her friend’s husband on a Alaska cruise after he passed away of smoking-related complications. In his honor, she kicked the habit herself during the cruise, after many years of trying.

Story #16: To See My Wife Smile Again—Willy Stader of Cremorne Point, New South Wales, Australia, describes how being at sea brought happiness back to his wife, who had been suffering from dementia and a debilitating muscular disease. As a result, he booked the Dawn Princess world cruise in an effort to keep her smiling.