Pera Auction to celebrate Ottoman art at Mardan Palace

Pera Auction to celebrate Ottoman art at Mardan Palace

Pera Auction has confirmed it will host its 20th sale of contemporary Turkish and Ottoman art at Mardan Palace.

The organisation has been a leading player in the market since its formation in 2010.

Pera Auction aims to demonstrate an outstanding performance on the international stage.

The event will bring together connoisseurs of the market amid the unique splendour, architectural elegance, and ornate wonder of Mardan Palace.

Situated in Antalya, Turkey, Mardan Palace is considered the World’s Leading Luxury Leisure Resort & Spa by World Travel Awards.

The auction will be held on May 5th and will feature contemporary and classic works of art, calligraphy and rare imperial decrees of the Ottoman period.

Valuable collection pieces and rare gem varieties from Russia, Europe, and Azerbaijan will also be presented to collectors.

In addition, the largest paper money collection of the Ottoman Empire (belonging to the co-founder of Pera Auction, Mehmet Gacıroğlu) will be exhibited in Mardan Palace between April 26th and the day of the auction.

Focusing on intercultural arts, Pera Auction has succeeded in introducing Ottoman arts to a wider audience in Turkey and around the world, bringing together different cultures in order to emphasize rich cultural diversity of the country.