P&O Cruises and Cunard Cruises Management Shuffle

P&O Cruises and Cunard Cruises Management Shuffle

Carol Marlow, the current Line President at Cunard, is set to replace Nigel Esdale as managing director at P&O Cruises. This is also good news for Esdale who is to be moving into a senior commercial role with their parent company Carnival UK as part of a wide range of management reshuffling.

This new position will bring Nigel Esdale into responsibility of for the commercial management of P&O Cruises, Cunard, Ocean Village and Princess cruises in the UK. Carnival UK chief commercial director Peter Shanks will succeed Carol Marlow as managing director and president of Cunard, whilst also retaining the huge responsibility for Princess Cruises in the UK.

This is only a small list of the scheduled changes, however I suppose you’re wondering what this means for your cruise holiday? Probably not much at this time however we do expect to see a number of changes implemented by each party as they attempt to freshen up current tactics and marketing plans to help bring in more customers during their time in this role.

All these changes come during the time when employees expect to move to a new-build headquarters close to the port of Southampton as opposed to a number of smaller satellite offices dotted around the city. This change will bring in cost reduction in the company but admits there would be no more job changes affecting the other 1100 staff.

Carnival UK CEO David Dingle had this to say about the changes:


“Carnival UK is privileged to have a group of highly talented senior managers who are the most experienced in the British cruise industry and are able easily to adapt to new roles and challenges as our company continues to grow.”

We expect this to be a really good change for the company as a whole and we expect to see a series of strategies appear from all of the staff who have changed role.