Over 50 % of the UAE workforce is employed in SMEs

Over 50 % of the UAE workforce is employed in SMEs

The SME (small and medium enterprises) sector employs more than 50 per cent of the UAE workforce, according to an international management and marketing expert, who added that SMEs are important in creating new jobs and enhancing growth of any economy.

SMEs, which fall in the category of companies employing less than 250 employees, however, lack proper marketing and business clout to make their presence felt.

Zed Ayesh, Managing Director of Flagship Consultancy added: “Marketing has not been exploited well by SMEs because most of them believe marketing is only important to large enterprises. This is not true, all businesses needs marketing, regardless of its size or age.” 

Flagship is a leading management and marketing consultancy based in Dubai and Ayesh’s participation in the 12th TECOM SME Builder came in his capacity as a marketing consultant. The event was organised by Dubai Knowledge Village (DKV), the region’s premier destination for human resources management and a member of TECOM Investments’ Education Cluster.

Flagship has supported the TECOM SME Builder initiative as its marketing expert since its early editions. .
He added: “Flagship Consultancy is pleased to support Tecom SME Builder. In this one-day workshop, we have been able to guide owners of small and medium enterprises to enhance their marketing skills by highlighting latest international techniques as well as tailoring global practices for the local market that is becoming very competitive and results driven.”


Ayesh added: “There is no room for trial and error anymore. SMEs should start thinking outside the box for solutions and techniques that would enable them to grab a larger market share and develop intimate relationship with their clients through efficient marketing techniques. This is what we highlighted to the participants.”

Engaging with representatives from small and medium enterprises, Ayesh explained how marketing is related to all business activities and how such activities should support sales and maximise performance.

Ayesh added: “Marketing plays a crucial role in SMEs. The need for marketing activities to sustain and grow these companies in such a competitive business environment was never more pronounced in the UAE.”

The TECOM SME Builder provided an ideal environment for owners of small and medium enterprises to upgrade their business management skills and establish greater synergy within their respective entrepreneurial segments.

The event was organised with the expert involvement of TECOM Investments’ business partners including Flagship Consultancy.

The event provided an open forum for industry experts and executives from diverse companies to come together and gain new insights. The initiatives are part of Dubai Knowledge Village’s commitment to developing the human capital base of the UAE and the region by promoting best practices.

These sessions were important in facilitating the exchange of knowledge amongst SMEs.