OutwildTV.com launches with expedition across North and South America

OutwildTV.com launches with expedition across North and South America

OutwildTV.com, a streaming television network focused on adventure travel and the environment, launches today with a two-year expedition across North and South America.

This inaugural adventure centers around Filipe Leite, a 25-year old journalist from Toronto, Canada. Originally from Brazil, Filipe departed from the Calgary Stampede on July 8th to begin a two-year trek across North and South America on horseback. He will ride from Calgary to Brazil, covering almost 10,000 miles and crossing a dozen borders.

Equipped with state-of-the-art digital video cameras and GPS navigation, Leite will document his entire journey on camera as it happens, sending his dispatches back to the OutwildTV.com website. At times, he will also live stream parts of his adventures, as well as take questions and interact with viewers of the journey online. Viewers will be able to follow his adventures through dispatches over the course of his trip as it happens online, and Leite’s expedition will culminate in a documentary film.

“Imagine what it would have been like to have been able to see and talk to Lewis and Clark as they made their way across America in 1804. We like to think of Filipe’s journey as a modern day equivalent of the excitement and adventure that they encountered,” said Michael Rosenblum, one of the principles of the company and CEO of Rosenblumtv.com.

“Everyone can associate to having a dream, and to want to do something that is out of the box like this,” said Leite. When OutwildTV found out about Leite, they met with him to discuss his journey, trained him to shoot video and document his journey, and provided him the equipment he would need to do it.


“This is just the first of many expeditions that we would like to see happen on OutwildTV,” said Daniel Houghton, another principle of the company, “We’re actively seeking adventurers like Filipe – people with a dream and the ability to see it through.”

OutwildTV expects to launch at least a dozen other such expeditions in the coming year and looks forward to expanding its online presence.